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Running around in Seattle. :)  (at Seattle) b a d c
Had an amazing day working with @mistymorgen and @heiroglyphics on another shoot for TEMPER Co. See full gallery at @tempercollective site.  (at Beach house paradise. ) b a d c
Sunrise in perisher. b a d c
Misty little Lapush.  (at Lapush) b a d c
Looking back at some shots from japan :) 🇯🇵 b a d c
Old selfie with @furrylittlepeach under the Eiffel Tower :) (at Eiffel Tower, Paris, France) b a d c
Oops.  (at Home. ) b a d c
Just got punched in the face for no reason.  (at Glebe sucks. ) b a d c
Breakfast and pen strokes.  (at b a d c
Seattle sunsets.  (at Seattle) b a d c
Studio sessions at @1346venice  (at 1346Venice Cafe & bar) b a d c
What it looks like to get lost.  (at Mt. Rainier National Park) b a d c
Slowly getting back into a little more art here and there. :) (at b a d c
Furry rocks.  (at Fitzroy falls) b a d c
The view from Mt Rainier Drive.  (at Mt. Rainier National Park) b a d c
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